A dynamic and holistic educational system is necessary for human development. It provides immunity against disruption. Education plays an important role in nation building. It grooms tomorrow’s leaders. An ideal educational system looks beyond imparting bookish knowledge and helps students to develop their intrinsic creative capabilities. Instead of teaching for standardized tests the new approach emphasizes learning curiosity and critical thinking. Albert Einstein has aptly stated that “imagination is more important than knowledge”. More recently, the world has witnessed unprecedented changes mainly owing to the explosive growth in technology. The role of educational institutions as purveyors of updated knowledge can never be overemphasized.

Bhavans schools are committed to promoting value education. They are built on the inspiration derived from the rich and varied culture of our country and the spirit of the freedom struggle. Here tradition embraces modernity. Our objective is to adapt Indian tradition and merge it with new trends. Kulapathy Munshiji’s vision of freeing India from the influences of exotic culture at a time when our nation was breaking the shackles of foreign rule is well realized through Bhavan’s institutions. We are committed to groom our students as responsible citizens by adhering to the values embedded in our constitution. It is said that the world has become a village with the seamless growth of technology. The world has become flat without boundaries. Educational institutions have to interface with other social entities like government departments, peer groups, industries, NGOs etc. We equip our children to become global citizens too. In our pursuit of human excellence, our teachers relentlessly strive to attain perfection in their roles.

We say, At Bhavan, running a school is not a business but a MISSION.

For our teachers, teaching is not a profession but a PASSION.….aano bhadrah krthavo yantu vishwatah....let noble thoughts come to us from every side.