Principal             :    Mrs. Prasanna Kumari P ,    M.A., B.Ed

Joining Date : 1 / 10 / 1993. Was working as Faculty member of Social Science department and later as VICE PRINCIPAL for 1 year in BHARATYA VIDYA BHAVAN . Started working as PRINCIPAL from June, 2017.

Vice Principal     :    Mrs Ambika Menon, M.A B.Ed

Principal’s Message to Students 

Our students should be assets and not a liability to the society.

This points to a value based education which empowers the students to face life’s challenges without forsaking values like compassion, love, understanding, patience, feeling for the needy and truthfulness. 

The modern generation lacks proper guidance. We are the real guards to motivate and lead them specially in the language they use and the words they utter.This prompts us to impart reading habit as books can widen their thoughts.

Wishing all the Teachers, non-teaching staff, parents and my dear students a happy academic year 2018-19.