dr-kmmunshiLet me once more set forth the Bhavan’s faith for the benefit of new students and members, for it is necessary that they should understand it clearly and imbibe its spirit. The Bhavan stands for the re-integration of Indian culture.
In a world falling to pieces under the impact of a moral and technological avalanche, it tries to hold fast to the fundamental values for which our culture stands – RITA, SATYA, YAGNA and TAPAS.


  • FAITH in God who in-forms the Cosmic Order.
  • TRUTH which  accords  between mind, word and deed.
  • DEDICATION which offers all movements of life as an offering to God.
  • SUBLIMATION which purifies the body and mind and transmutes instincts, passions and emotions into things of beauty.

This,  regardless of forms and doctrines, is Dharma, the three fold aspects of which are SATYAM,SHIVAM, SUNDARAM – Truth, Love and Beauty. For these values, our forefathers lived and died.  So did Sri Ramakrishna Pramahamsa, Swami Dayananda, Swami Vivekananda, Gandhiji and Sri Aurobindo among the moderns.
These values are embedded in our national outlook. We command the respect of the world because of them.
We  can  look  forward  to the future with confidence only because they have the vitality which gives the power to vindicate their validity even in this fear and avarice – ridden age of ours. We,  the Bhavan’s family, whether it is the smaller one or the larger one, must make every effort in restoring an awareness of these values in personal and collective life.


Bharatiya  Vidya   Bhavan   was  established  by  late Dr. K.M. Munshi in 1938 at Bombay with the main objective of reviving, propagating and popularising Indian culture, civilization and philosophy amongst  our people.  It is cosmopolitan in its nature and outlook, respects all religions, does not recognise barriers of caste, colour and religion and is open to all who cherish and believe in its principles and ideals.  The educational institutions of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan proudly stand out as monumental examples of enchanting idealism inscribed in grace, glory and as veritable models of scholastic perception and perfection. They are unrivalled in their brilliance and performance. Unequalled in their pre-eminence and prestige, the system of imparting education in these institutions gives prominence for shaping and moulding the character of the child,  at the same time emphasizing the importance of social, moral, ethical and spiritual values to enable the person to lead a  more meaningful life.
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan conducts classes from Kindergarten to Post graduation and research and imparts education in subjects ranging from
Sanskrit, yoga, carnatic music, classical dance, science, commerce, business management, journalism, physical education,  etc.
Bhavan has 118 Kendras spread over India and 373 educational institutions are flourishing under the aegis of these kendras.  Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan has 21 kendras in the state of Kerala.  Apart from the 118 kendras in India, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan has 7 overseas centres also In London (U.K.), New York (U.S.A.),  Mexico City (Mexico), Lisbon (Portugal), Durban (South Africa),  Kuwait city (Kuwait), Sydney (Australia).
Bhavan has a publication division called Prakashan Mandir which has so far published over 1600 titles, all intended to promote education, art, culture and ethics. Bhavan’s books and periodicals are devoid of sex, smut, sensationalism, crime and gossip. To mention one such periodical is Bhavan’s Journal. This publication division was christened by Munshiji as Bhavan’s Book university.